New machine provides more opportunities

Wafios BM50 is the name of our newest machine investment. This wire bending machine is very fast and has a wide range of applications. Together with our previous machines, we can now make wire parts in all possible forms.

WafiosBM50_toolThe new machine can create everything from exhaust suspensions to tent pegs. A material range of 3-10 millimeters in diameter and smart programming capabilities allows us to offer customers a wider range.

– The new machine is incredibly fast because the tool is stationary and the wire is rotating. As less mass rotates, the production is much faster than with traditional machines says Ola Karlsson, production and project manager at Spring Systems.

Ola Karlsson has worked at Spring Systems for 28 years and has a broad knowledge in the business. Therefore, he has been involved as an expert advisor in the purchase of the new machine.

WafiosBoth easy to use and advanced
The new machine has various user levels. It is possible to make simple programs, but at the same time possible to create very advanced settings. One person Ola Karlsson often discusses ideas with is the machine operator Stefan Ek. He has worked at Spring Systems for four years with multi-slide, but is new to wire bending.

– It’s very exciting and challenging with a new field of work, especially when you get to work with a new machine with this capability. The Wafios BM50 is very user-friendly and quick to get started. The machine also communicates seamlessly with other devices. For example, we assemble a robot on to the machine and they work in sync with each other.

Develops New Software
Spring Systems has become a development partner to Wafios new software. During the purchasing process Wafios realized the knowledge and experience Spring Systems has in wire bending. We take this as a proof of our expertise in the field.

WafiosBM50Short facts of Wafios BM50:
● The machine has eight CNC axes.
● Drawings can be imported via CAD files and coordinate systems.
● While the machine produces one detail, it is possible to simulate another detail. We can see if the product can be manufactured.
● An offline license allows us to provide quick response to customer requests. Using a CAD file, we can get an answer whether the part can be manufactured and an approximate speed.
● A vision system makes it possible to photograph and measure details if they are correct. If one detail is wrong, we can tell the machine what to adjust.