Voice of the owner

Lena Ovesson about why sustainability is the foundation to all Spring Systems activities.
– The owner’s directive states that Spring Systems should be operated and developed from a sustainability perspective.
Lena OvessonSustainability may sound very cliché, but in our company there is a thought behind it. This is also something our customers demand, says Lena Ovesson, owner of Spring Systems.
At Spring Systems, sustainability is about maintaining an economic, social and environmental thinking in all processes. Economic sustainability is required to maintain our competitiveness in order to invest in equipment and skills. The goal is long-term profitability and the highest credit rating.
Social sustainability requires a responsible personnel policy and Lena Ovesson places great emphasis on healthy and honest relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. From an environmental perspective, we see sustainability based on both the internal and external environment. The goal is to reduce the negative environmental impact in all our processes.

– All this sounds very obvious, doesn’t everyone want to work in this way. But you have to think and to have it present in everything we do. We always ask ourselves if things we do are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. If we can answer yes to all questions, it’s simple. If we can answer yes to two of the three questions we need to give it some extra thought, and if we cannot answer yes to any of them, then we need to think again, says Lena Ovesson.

SustainableShe believes that sustainability in one end often yields positive sustainable impact in other stages. With a financially sustainable work the environmental sustainability often will get into the calculations automatically. And the best solution is often also the most socially sustainable.
– An example of our sustainable work is our purchasing, where local suppliers are used when possible. It both protects local development, and is environmentally sustainable as we avoid long transports – which also has economic advantages. And when you think of it everything is linked together, says Lena Ovesson.