Local cooperation behind a new automation equipment

Spring Systems cooperation with local businesses Yaskawa and TM Design & Installation, TDMI, provides better control over the manufacturing process of strikers and higher quality of the final product.
Projekt 150x150The cooperation is connected to an automated robot cell for welding of a hood lock striker for the automotive industry. While Spring Systems runs the project the local neighbors Yaskawa is supplying the robot cell, and TMDI the welding fixture. The short distance provides advantages in both the manufacturing process and for the customer.

– Communication is no problem, we can easily get together to have design reviews and project meetings face to face. This makes things right from the beginning and we avoid unpleasant surprises which always is a risk when specifications are to be interpreted from a distance, says Johan Gustavsson, technical manager and project leader at Spring Systems.

The robot cell consists of two handling robots and a welding robot. Other automated elements are component feeders as well as two welding fixtures with auto eject function. The feeder loads the components to a vision system that locates them so that a handling robot can pick them up and put them in a buffer station. The second handling robot loads the welding fixtures, whereupon the welding robot jg2weld the parts together. The finished striker is then ejected from the fixture automatically and then checked and packed by our skilled operators.
– It’s a fun challenge with the high level of technology that place us in the forefront of the development. The new equipment raise our technical level and ultimately gives stable quality in our deliveries.